Monday, July 31, 2017

Hello, My Name Is "LIBERAL" and I'm a Trump addict. It's been 20 minutes since my last fix.

I love watching Russian dashcam videos on YouTube.  I mean if ever there was a metaphor for this White House it is Russian dashcam videos.  You're watching people chatting in their car driving on a stretch of road and BOOM out of nowhere a truck, a Range Rover, a bear, a stroller, or another car careens across the road. Sometimes you can see the bodies flung outside the car just like  Reince Preibus being cast out of the White House. It's not pretty, but it sure is mesmerizing.  They are also a good metaphor because each clip is short, cruel and really unexpected.  Yet there is a detachment, knowing this is happening in a far off place and knowing that type of driving is just not so commonplace in America.  

Every night I rush home to watch the "Trump Reality Show".  I once watched a Spanish language telenovela before DVRs were invented. My husband and I would run home every night to be sure we didn't miss an episode. Every episode seemed like a little cliffhanger, pushing the plot further. The storyline moved incrementally with the requisite drama, theatrics, and plenty of emoting.   I swear this is what I see on MSNBC and other news outlets every night.  

My brain in its wish to see the end of this administration, is now ironically addicted to this it. Just when things were starting to get tedious,(come on Mueller, get this done already!) Anthony "the Mooch" Scaramucci, THE COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR FOR THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, uses the terms: fuck, cock sucker, suck his own cock and go fuck themselves in HIS FIRST INTERVIEW!  My neurons are completely and totally growing dependent on this kind of vitriol.  It's like Dynasty meets Dallas meets Face The Nation meets The Apprentice. I am getting an endorphin rush thinking about all the possible combinations of infighting and possible random occurrences that happen on the Trump show.  It's like that polar bear in the first season of Lost....very random, did we ever see it again? Of course Lost was very random, but then again so is Carter Page. 

So do I want to go back to the quaint old days of  just "ramming health care down our throats"? To the staid days where a scandal meant being on a Washington madam's client list, which  happened maybe once or twice in an administration?  Or the daily cerebral wash of endorphins I get when another Republican literally cannibalizes another?  Can I go back to the days of Chuck Todd opining on "government shut-downs", which seems almost quaint in comparison to "The Mooch" saying "he doesn't stab in the back, he stabs you in the front."  My Trump addicted physical body says: "yes, just one more hit, it'll be a quick high."  However, like any addiction, my spirit and psyche knows that this addiction, like any other, will leave a broken shell that will need a whole lot more than a 12 step program to fix.

"Hello my name is ___________ and I'm a Trump addict."