Thursday, July 5, 2012

Miami Geography: Being Here Changes You.

You know the study of geography is more than just maps. It's about human interactions with the lands they live on. Where you live changes you. Living in Miami changes you a LOT. From your clothes, to how you work and how you relate with others. Since we're talking about local geography, let's define it. When we talk about Miami we mean Miami-Dade County.  No, I'm sorry Hollywood, Hallandale, North Key Largo do not count. I also mean the "unique" communities of Coral Gables, Aventura and Hialeah, they are Miamians even though they may not want to be, or some of us would prefer they were in another county.  I know some people as far north as Ft. Lauderdale might say they're "Miami", but that would be unfair, since they're in a whole other country. 

"So sorry I'm late, it was just too hot outside"
I know when I'm in Miami I feel sexier, more confident, less motivated to work, because I'm so confident and sexy. I mean I only need to "look" successful which in turn means I "could" be successful but you won't know, because in Miami few people talk about their work.  I often wonder about all the material success I see around me: expensive cars, houses and boats, but I don't really see an economy that can sustain that wealth.  Where do all those people in Mercedes Benzes and Beemers go every morning to make money? 

One of the first things that happens here is that "it's hot so I need to be 15minutes or five hours late." The heat excuses everything. Like a harsh northern blizzard, the heat makes it impossible to ever be on time. I notice this is the first thing to change in the newcomers, punctuality. Miami is where punctuality comes to die.  The heat is like this barrier to quickness, like stepping in molasses while wearing sandals;! 

These bright, tight clothes are so Miami!
Miami changes your style. The first thing you notice is snatches of color entering your wardrobe. Reds and blues at first, bright orange, then finally lilacs and purples. Tropical colors and nobody looks twice, not an eyebrow raised.....could fuchsia be right around the corner? Tightness? Yes tightness. Tight clothes are more comfortable in the heat. They wick away the sweat from your body and dry quickly in the air conditioning. Loose shirts and blouses sag all day with the sweat and humidity, fitted clothes still look okay at the end of the day.  Next thing you know, you're visiting your WASPY parents in Wisconsin wearing those "revealing" clothes. You're thinking "cool"(style and temperature wise), Northerners are thinking "slut or whore".

as many times as we've made love...
What else changes?  You feel sexy around sexy people in a sexy locale. If you're young and single you become sluttier, if you're older you're just hornier.   The hot sultry nights require hot sultry company. Sweating and dancing to tropical music, with cold drinks just makes you want to be naked, make love....then jump into a cold shower, pool or ocean.  I've never felt sexy after a day in a snowstorm....but after a day at the beach, or on the boat....I can hear Barry White now. 

I love Miami.......