Monday, March 22, 2010

Call me old fashioned, but I like History the old way.

I remember Britney Spears being hauled off to the loony bin in the middle of the one of the most important presidential debates in history. It was a split screen on all the networks....Obama talking about the economy in financial free-fall on one side and a helicopter view of the drug addicted pop-star strapped to a gurney. Except for Chris "leave Britney alone" Crocker, it was hardly worth breaking into a Presidential debate for.

So yesterday, I sat rapt as Congress prepared to make history. I watched the votes were counted that would truly change my life in a very personal way. I held my breath waiting for our collective ADHD to kick in. I was waiting for the networks, the Democrats, the nation to be pulled away from this important business at hand and be drawn to the "shiny object" or distraction. Fortunately there was enough ADHD going on in the house to keep everyone in the House Chamber focused on the circus inside and not be distracted by any potential celebrity melt-down or outside distraction.

The crawl at the bottom of the screen informed about bananas stopping HIV and the death of Peter Graves. His most famous line from the movie Airplane! "do you like watching grown men in the shower?" was repeated over and over during the break. I'm sure he wants to remembered for a role as a pilot with pedophilic overtones. Titillating isn't it? Bananas and pedophilia....that's the liberal media for you.

After the "news break" we get back to history in the making: a Democratic congressman who is pro-life was called a "baby-killer" by a pro-life Republican. The minority whip promising "Armageddon" if this bill passed. At this writing its been 16 hours Mr. Boehner, and there have been no reports of the four horsemen in the news today....not on MSNBC, CNN or CBS, ok maybe there was something on the crawl on Fox. Calls that this would end the "American Experiment" and usher in "fascism and communism" (wtf?) . These tactics and tea-party antics did nothing to stop the Democrats from doing the right thing.

I guess I remember my history being uninterrupted and commercial free. It was boring and drawn out but I knew it was momentous and important. I guess that just how I like my history....without news breaks, celebrity tidbits and news crawl. Call me old fashioned.