Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Old Miami vs. New Miami vs. Newer Miami

It's so nice that Miami has such a sweet short history. I mean a city that barely cracks 118 years old is like an adolescent to a city like, say Boston which will be 400 in a few years, or London which is close 2000 years of habitation.  Basically Miami is an embryo.  Which is a good thing, because with a city so new, you're actually living history, and you can see, in your own lifetime giant changes, and glimpses of the past that remain. Another cool thing is that our cultural institutions are living up to the promise of what great cities should have.  Things like the Miami City Ballet, the Grand Opera are world class. Our panapoly of professional sports teams should be the envy of any city striving for excellence.  So not to bore you any more here a few things that have changed since my family arrived back in the 19th Century.

Old Miami:  "I was born in Dr. Jackson's medical shack on Brickell Ave." My Grandma.
New Miami: " I was born in Jackson Memorial Hospital" My dad.
Newer Miami "I was born in Cuba" everyone I hang out with.

Old Miami: pronounced "Miamah"
New Miami: pronounced "Miami"
Newer Miami: "MeeAmee"

Old Miami: Pan American Airlines
New Miami: Eastern Airlines, National Airlines
Newer Miami: American Airlines

Power brokers:
Old Miami: Henry Flagler
New Miami: Jorge Mas-Canosa
Newer Miami: Jorge Perez

Entertainment Areas:
Old Miami: Coconut Grove
New Miami: South Beach
Newer Miami: Mary Brickell Village

Old Miami: Flagler St.
New Miami: Dadeland Mall
Newer Miami: Dolfin Mall, Aventura Mall

High end shopping:
Old Miami: Lincoln Road
New Miami: Bal Harbor
Newer Miami: Merrick Place

Old Miami: Dolphin Cruises
New Miami: Carnival Cruise Lines
Newer Miami: MSC Divina

Old Miami: Al Capone
New Miami: Miami River Cops
Newer Miami: where to begin?

Old Miami: Jordan Marsh
New Miami: Burdines
Newer Miami: Macy's

Old Miami: Biltmore Hotel
New Miami: Intercontinental Miami
Newer Miami: Peninsula Hotel, Four Seasons, Ritz Carleton, Setai

Old Miami: Joe's Stone Crab
New Miami: Versailles
Newer Miami: Juvia

Obnoxious Visitors:
Old Miami: New Yorkers
New Miami: Porte├▒os
Newer Miami: Paulistas

Local Shows:
Old Miami: Jackie Gleason Show
New Miami: Miami Vice
Newer Miami: Burn Notice

Old Miami: Coral Gables
New Miami: Kendall
Newer Miami: Doral, Weston

Hispanic Enclaves:
Old Miami: Little Havana
New Miami: Westchester, Hialeah
Newer Miami: Key Biscayne