Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pink is the New Black

Pink is the New Black. This is just a polite way of saying something I overheard the other day: "Gay is the new Nigger". Now I never believed that I would ever write that word in anger, let alone say it, let alone apply it to myself. But yes I finally understand, really, what it's like to have 62.8% of my neighbors say: you and your people are not worthy of what I have.

Not only are you not worthy, I have judged you, restricted you, condemned you to the life of inequality. These laws are clear and unequivocal, you are not worthy of humanity. A black comedian(DL Hougley) on CNN called me "a lucky bastard" for not being able to get married. Maybe white people thought the same of his grandfather because he didn't have to worry about deciding his future.

I should just be happy we got Obama. That's what they tell me. Great, we have someone who is president of all citizens, both first and second class ones.