Friday, December 11, 2009


Its interesting how quickly we are drawn to short cuts. How my rants and rambles started out as an e-mail to friends, then a blog, then down to two snarky sentences every few hours on Facebook. Yes, I do post every few hours. Surprisingly, people make fun of me as being a "Facebook addict". However, they're reading my postings.

Recently I celebrated my 42nd birthday and invited everyone through Facebook, with the exception of my Dad because he just has e-mail. Although he has just begun to text me. He is 74 and I feel very awkward texting a 74 year old man. I feel awkward texting him the same way I feel awkward texting my 20 year old son. It seems strange to me that they both communicate with weird text abbreviations and both have no compunction about using curse words in text. (My son feels no compuction using curse words during "polite conversation") But then again I'm still reading Jane Austin and I wait in vain by the mailbox for handwritten letters from Pemberly or Longbourne.

My older brother has used text to completely renew our relationship. He sends me a "funny" every so often via text. For example instead of a call asking me if I was coming for Thanksgiving, he sent a text-photo of an erect penis being inserted into an uncooked turkey. He sends me a variety of inappropriate, un PC photos that if I left my phone sitting on my desk at work, I would be sent to HR. I thought the Thanksgiving one was pretty appalling. My "Christmas" text was an animated Grinch "giving it" to a real Santa who was unclothed from the waist down.....classy. However, I feel that the fact that my brother even recieves these photos via text, I feel he is giving me insight into his active inner life. It makes me that much closer to him.

So for now I will just have settle for "tnx for the xmas card," from my Dad pornographic photos from my brother and "want $$$ for bday" from my son. I know that hidden between those short abbreviations are beautiful sentiments of fatherly pride, brotherly love, filial obligation and deep gratitude that just can't be expressed on the screen of a cell phone. In text they are all saying: "thkng of u" .