Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Last Gay Summer

It's over, or almost over....the last official "gay" summer.  Throughout the community there is a collective sense of ennui, that all things gay are pass√©. Especially among the younger set.  2013 the last gasp of the mega-gay summer events.  From now on the closest thing to a circuit party will be hanging with spring breakers while hooking up on GRINDR and Scruff. I went to a couple of gay events this summer in Provincetown and Key West and in both cases the energy just didn't seem to be there.
Every conversation seemed to be the same: "how long have you been together?"
Answer: "Two years".
Reply:  aghast: "and you're not married yet?
"How long have you been married?"
Answer"four years."
Reply: "And you still don't have kids?, you're not getting any younger you know."
Gays, being the last group of trendsetters, have run headlong, like lemmings, into conformity. The last vestiges of a culture built on shame and sexual rebellion will devolve into sad middle-aged swingers parties in a cul-de-sac near you.
Already gay ghettoes are looking older, more upscale as fewer young gays go there for community. Also gay ghettoes tended to be cheap and fun....there's nothing cheap about a $14 martini in Chelsea or South Beach. Key West, that outpost of non-conformity, caters to cruise ships. Drag shows are nothing but cabaret for straight people and three more gay guesthouses have converted to "all are welcome" resorts.
Equality: who knew it would make us boring.